Behold Sri Lanka, an island rapturous of the exotic wonders and adventures it holds at every nook and corner for the inexhaustible explorer. We believe that Trips Lanka is the perfect gateway for you to relieve and reinvigorate your weary soul by stepping into a myriad of opportunities to indulge yourself for a life time. Trips Lanka holds to the belief that even a one day trip will not go amiss if you go through the exceptional services that are offered by us. Likewise with our safe and amicable hands guiding, even within one day you will be able to bestow so many memories for a life time. So be immersed by an array of tour packages that can be selected per your preference.

We assure that our trips are carefully planned and even can be based on a theme of your preference such as Sun & Fun beaches, breathtaking waterfalls, soggy rain forests, daring hikes, camping in the wilderness, misty mountains, poles-apart seasons, pilgrimages to sacred sites, hushed wild life, Native Veddas, Little-known North & East etc. The audience can be customized such as boys only, girls only, bachelors and bachelorettes etc. The tour packages available are tailor-made in order to fit in to specific requirements ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our guests. Therefore come and unravel the beauties of this paradise nation is bequeathed with, while we, your trusted travel partner is dedicated to make your dream destination a reality.

Be the friendliest and most affordable travel partner in Sri Lanka

To make your desiring dream trip a reality for an unbelievable value, and to make it the best travelling experience of your entire life.

select from two exploring methods

Go with Flo


“Go with the Flow” are trips that are open to the public. You can join either individually or as a group with the trips organized by Trips Lanka Team as a public event. If you keep on with touch or subscribe to us, you will get the duly notifications of these public events. We consider that these Public Trips to be a platform for increasing your social connections as well as expose yourself to novel experiences that await you as a group. The details including the destination, transportation mode, themes, activities and fee are published in our Facebook page. Feel free to contact us and make your reservations.



We organize private and tailor-made tours in Sri Lanka with our expert suggestions and recommendations for an unforgettable holiday experience. Our team will take care of finding your dream destination, best transportation mode, safe accommodation, places to wander away and activities-to-do, all within your budget. Trips Lanka is even ready to accompany you on the trip upon your request to make it a more comfortable and safe journey. We commit ourselves to offer the maximum security and privacy you deem. As this is not a public event, we refrain from publishing details without your permission.

safety first

Our trips are carefully planned and would be based on a theme of your preference. Your safety is our priority. We assure you the trustworthiness of our traveling partners. In addition all activities will be organized within strict safety guidelines and compliance while taking into consideration regarding the travelers’ status which may include children, senior citizens etc.  Moreover basic first aid will be provided by us in case such a situation arises. As we are committed to your well-being first, we may hold the authority to cancel/postpone the tours arranged due to unexpected natural or man-made disasters.