Where do you organize trips to?

Any place within the borders of Sri Lanka

Is there any limitation of dates that a trip can be arranged?

No, Trips Lanka arrange any number of days in accordance with your preferences.

Who can join with the Trips?

Trips are organized under two categories

  1. Public Trips (Go-with-Flo) – Anyone can join with us (individually or as a group) for trips organized by ‘Trips Lanka’ as a public event. The details which include destination, transportation, themes, recreational activities and fees are published in our Facebook page. Feel free to contact us and make your reservations. Learn More >
  2. Customized Trips (Custo-me) – We help you organize private and customized trips with our expert knowledge and recommendations for an unforgettable holiday experience. Our team will take care of finding your dream destination, best transportation mode, safe accommodation, places to wander around and activities-to-do, all within your budget. If you are willing, we are even ready to accompany you on the trip. Learn More >

Is this only for locals?

No, without any barrier on nationality, ethnicity, age, gender or number of people in a crew, anyone can get a trip organized by Trips Lanka.

Does Trips Lanka organize trips for families and corporate sector?

Yes. We do.

Can we get both the budget and luxury trips organized?

Yes, based on the budget, the tour’s destinations, accommodation, food & transportation can be arranged.

Can we get arranged trips with BBQ & Bonfire in a Camping site?

Of course, yes. Travelers can suggest locations where they want to have a campsite and considering the practicality, we make the necessary arrangements.

Do you have tour guides fluent in English?

All our guides are fluent in both English and the local languages. In addition they are familiar with few other languages as well.

Do you undertake airport pickups?

Based on the tour plan of travelers, we do arrange Airport pickups and droppings.

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