Corporate Social Responsibility

Currently we are handling following CSR initiatives and are always looking forward to expand our contribution for the society.

We are always focused in our intention of giving amazing travel destinations to our travelers. Sri Lanka is our little island that is blessed with the beauty of nature. Trips Lanka feels so lucky to be here and that is the reason why we always look for ways to give something back to our community. We have scheduled our programs in such a way that help the local community to earn an income. We believe that it’s our duty to give an opportunity to our local drivers, tour guides, boat owners, farmers and little shop owners to make a good earning. By joining with Trips Lanka you help these people to make their living. From the planning of the tour to the end of it we always depend on our local community by taking their service to make our tours successful. We believe that, this is what makes us unique and popular in this industry.

Trips Lanka will always give a hand to those who are in need. “AKURU – Monaragala’’ is a good example for that. This project was organized by RECTA as the second program of “AKURU” project to help school students with books and other stationery items. We were so happy to join the project and to contribute. This was held on 26th November 2016 at Monaragala District.  All the essential stationery items for the new school term in 2017 were gifted to grade 6 – 11 students of Samagipura Tharuna Janapada Kanitu Vidyalaya, Sewanagala. Through this project we could help 150 students in this school. It always feels so good to do even a small thing to make a smile on someone’s face. We are so happy that we could do that. Of course we will not forget to thank our awesome travelers for being with us. It is because of their financial & non financial support that this event became a successful one.