Trip to Meemure

An amazing village experience

Meemure can be introduced as one of the most rural and remote villages in Sri Lanka.  Its population is about 400. Meemure is located in the Knuckles mountain range near the border between the districts Kandy and Matale. On a journey to Meemure you can see beautiful natural landscapes. If you are visiting Meemure you will have to switch off your mobile phone as no cellular service is available within this village. But there is one available CDMA telephone service. This would be the best escape you can have to get away from your busy life style.

Meemure village owns an extraordinary attraction. It is highlighted among other villages because of its natural beauty and tradition. Crops such as pepper, paddy & ginger are the main way of income to the residents of the village.

Lakegala mountain is another attraction of Meemure village. It is said that the King Ravana lifted his airplane called “Dandu Monara” at this mountain.

Realistic experience in jungle camping, jungle trekking, waterfall excursion, campfire & BBQ night, water adventures, animal watching are some of the activities you can do in Meemure.

“Trips Lanka” provides you all the services to experience the entire Meemure life. The camp site is established close by a river branch and the life in night camp with bon fire & BBQ enriches the jungle life even brighter.

Further the life jackets and other required would also be provided for water based adventures. Rock/water sliding and confident jump are two activities that you should never miss out in Meemure.

Moreover we will take our travelers to Mini World’s End at Knuckles range as well, as an added activity to Meemure Journey.

We invite you to join with “Trips Lanka” to experience the remote world of calmness in this beautiful village.

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