Trip to Kitulgala

An adventurous tour through water

Kitulgala is the place for an adventurous experience in Sri Lanka. Being so close to Colombo it is located in Hatton road and after around 40 km passing Awissawella town.

White water rafting, flat water rafting, bird watching, river baths, water sliding, adventure jumps, forest trails are the things to do in this area.

“Trips Lanka” suggests Rafting as the must do activity in Kitulgala. We promise you one unforgettable experience with great fun. This natural water track is in Kelani River.  When coming along the river you come across the location place of very famous film “BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI”. At the last part of the track you can jump to the river & swim over mini rapids & into a long stretch of cool & refreshing water.

You don’t have to worry about anything. Trips Lanka provides you the perfect white water rafting experience with its comprehensive tour package. We always give priority on your safety and will brief everyone on paddling techniques and “Man over board” procedures before the rafting tour. You will be given life guard jackets, safety helmets and right guidance through out this adventure.

Also if you request, we will provide a video of this thrilling experience as an additional option.

Moreover if you are interested in camping we make that arrangement as well. Spending a night in Kithulgala on a camp site makes even richer by the bon fire and BBQ.


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