Trip to Bentota

An amazing boat tour

Bentota is a popular water sport spot in southern province. Bentota River is the border that separate southern and western provinces. It is a very popular tourist destination in the country.

Boat rides in Bentota River will give you an amazing experience. Trips Lanka is very concerned about giving you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature. We will take you through mangroves that covers the river banks. It will be like an adventurous tour when we go through them. You will also get a chance to hold a little crocodile in your hands. This will be surely one amazing thing to do. Also you will get a chance to spot species of birds, fish and plants. Places that offer fish therapy can be found near the banks.

As mentioned before Bentota is a popular water sport spot. You can ride banana boats, Jet Ski and do so many other water events here. We will guide you right on everything regarding safety. These water sports can be seen as you cross the Bentota Bridge. It is a beautiful sight.

Bentota is also popular for its beach. It has got a long and beautiful beach that attracts tourists from all over the world. Sea waves here are not so rough and high. There are places that is safe to have a sea bath.

As always Trips Lanka is looking forward to give you wonderful travel experiences. This tour will surely be one of them.

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