Trip to Madu River

A boat safari to heaven

If you are interested in an amazing boat ride the first place that “Trips Lanka” takes you is Madu River. It is one of the wonderful experiences you should have in Sri Lanka.

The Madu River is in south of Sri Lanka. It enters the sea at Balapitiya. 64 islands can be found within this area and these islands of Madu river cover 915Ha. “Ma Doowa” is the largest island and about 300 families live there. “Satha Paha Doowa” is identified as the smallest island. During the boat tour you will get a chance to visit another island called Kothduwa Island where The Kothduwa temple is situated.

The banks of the river are covered by mangroves, giving shelter to different species of birds and other animals. King fisher, wood pecker, black hooded oriole can be seen easily. This area is being a home to many species of animal and plant. Among them are 303 species of plants and 248 species of vertebrate animals.

Due to its high ecological, biological and aesthetic significance the Madu River wetland is protected under Ramsar convention.

Lately it has been popular as a place to experience fish therapy that gives an unforgettable experience to the tourists. Also Madu River gives you a good opportunity to see traditional way of prawn trapping. Truly it is a paradise of nature.

You don’t have to worry about anything, “Trips Lanka” is more than happy to guide and help you through the tour. You just have to join us and enjoy every bit of it.

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