Trip to Kandy

City of Culture

Kandy is the cultural capital of Sri Lanka.  It is very famous for its high cultural value and heritage.

Temple of the Tooth is the main key that holds the importance of this city. Buddhists from all over the world come here to worship the Tooth relic of the Lord Buddha. Kandy Perahara is organized every year to pay tribute to the Temple of the Tooth. This is a cultural celebration that includes traditional dancing events and numerous rituals. Museum of the Temple of the Tooth displays importance facts about this city and its history when it was the kingdom of Sri Lanka.

So many other historical and cultural places add more value to this city. Gadoladeniya, Ambakke and Lankathilake are some of these places. Ambakke is well known for its wood carvings. These carvings have been done in a very talented way by highlighting the smoothness and the beauty of the patterns. Thus this place holds an architectural importance as well as cultural and religious importance.

Udawatta kale sanctuary is another place you should visit in Kandy. This forested area is very calm and quiet and can be considered as a good place to have a walk.

Bogambara Lake is another famous place in Kandy. It has its own stories that are related to the history of this city. Gatambe Temple is also an important religious place in Kandy that is being worshipped by the Buddhists.

We will not forget to take you to these significant places in this historic city. As always you will get an amazing travel experience with “Trips Lanka”.


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