Trip to Kaudulla

The elephant zone

If you get a chance to wander and travel in Polonnaruwa, there is one place you should not forget. It is none other than Kaudulla national park which is a famous national park for elephant watching.

This national park is a newly established one in North Central province. It has Kaudulla tank as its main resource of water. This tank was built in ancient times and it is the main attraction of the animals that live in the park. 24 species of mammals, 26 species of fish and 435 species of birds have been reported from Kaudulla. Most of them are endemic to Sri Lanka. This park shows a high bio diversity level when compared to other parks in this area.

Land differs from hills to lowlands, forest to scrub lands. Kaudulla can be introduced as a tropical dry mixed evergreen forest.

However elephants play the main role in this park, being the main attraction here. About 200 elephants can be seen here including baby elephants. You will enjoy the view how these giants freely walk with their groups and interact with their members. It is something you will never get tired of seeing. Having the experience of seeing most of the national parks in Sri Lanka, Trips Lanka recommend this one without any second thoughts.

You can join with us for another trip to this amazing place to add more pages to your travel diaries. Seeing elephants in their natural setting is something that you don’t get all the time which is why we want you to have it with us. We are always in this end waiting to help you to explore without any stress or regret.

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