Trip to Udawalawa

Among the herds of elephants

Udawalawa is one of the largest and the best national parks in Sri Lanka that you should not certainly miss.

Herds of Sri Lankan elephants in Udawalawa become the main attraction of the park giving a spectacular sight to the travelers. And certainly it is the reason to so many to visit the park. Elephants roam around the park making interactions with their members. These majestic and playful giants have their own culture to be maintained within their herds. You can also visit Udawalawa Elephant Transit Home which is a place that takes care of abandoned elephant calves.

“Trips Lanka” surely knows where to look for the elephants, mammals, birds and other animals within the park. Specialized jeeps will take you through bumpy roads into the deep forest to give you an amazing experience. We are very knowledgeable about the park and its animals.

Udawalawa also gives shelter to some other species such as spotted chevrotains, the rusty spotted cat, water buffalo, the fishing cat, grey langurs and the Sri Lankan Leopard.

Udawalawa is an excellent park for bird watching. Sri Lankan jungle fowl, Sri Lankan spur fowl, and the red-faced malkoha can be seen easily.

We promise to give you one of a kind experience in Udawalawa if you join with us.

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