Trip to Wasgamuwa

Home of Sloth Bears

Wasgamuwa is famous for its significance in eco systems and wildlife population. It is also home to several important ancient sites. Wasgamuwa is highlighted from other parks by its wilderness setting. It is also popular as a park with high abundance of sloth bears (Melursus ursinus).

The park is spread in Matale and Polonnaruwa districts. Herd of elephants can be spotted within its boundaries as well as countless species of birds. This is a paradise to bird watchers as this park is home for numerous species of birds including endemic and migrant. In conclusion elephants and birds can be considered as the main attraction of this park.

Twenty three species of mammals, 143 species of birds and 15 species of amphibians have been found within the park including the endemic species. And also 17species of fish, 35 reptiles and 52 different species of butterflies have been recorded.

You can explore this amazing piece of land with “Trips Lanka” and get a thrilling time to see some animals face-to-face. We will take you through this beautiful park and bring you closer to Mother Nature. You will see rare species of birds, endemic animals and elephants during this tour.

This protected nature park plays a significant role in conserving the biodiversity and also helps in protecting many endangered and threatened species of animals.

We take you on a thrilling jeep safari across Wasgamuwa park giving you an exhilarating tour. This tour will provide you the needful experience to enjoy amazing sights of Sri Lanka’s wildlife and its natural splendor.

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