Trip to Wilpattu

Nature’s Sanctuary

Wilpattu National Park is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka. It lies on the northwest coast. Also it is the border that separates North Central province and North Western province.

Bird watching can be written as the most popular activity in Wilpattu as it is the home for countless species of birds. During November to March Wilpattu gives shelter to numerous winter migrant bird species. It is also a good place to spot endemic and resident birds. Painted stork, jungle fowl, owls, terns, whistling teal and the white ibis can be seen here.

Wilpattu National Park has varying natural habitats that give shelter to other animals including 31 species of mammals and also numerous endemic species. Leopards (Panthera pardus kotiya) and sloth bears have become the main attraction. Elephants add more beauty to the park.

Jeep safari is the easiest way to explore Wilpattu which often gives chance to spot leopards and other animals.

“Trips Lanka” is always here to take you on a journey into Wilpattu which is the largest wild park of Sri Lanka. This stunning park is also considered as one of the oldest national parks in Sri Lanka. Come and explore this wild life park with us as we give you the chance to enjoy the sight of countless birds and other animals.

We promise to take you on a jeep ride across the park giving the opportunity to capture breathtaking landscapes. This experience will bring you wild thrills and excitement. And this will surly bring you closer to nature without any distraction you face in other popular and crowded parks.

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