Trip to Yala

A place to spot leopards

Yala is Sri Lanka’s most visited National Park. It lies on the southeast coast of Sri Lanka. Yala is known as a premier eco tourism destination because of its biodiversity. More than 200 species of birds and 40 species of mammals can be spotted within the park.

The Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) is the main attraction of the Yala national park. These big cats are listed as an endangered species because of the less number. Hunting against the laws and destruction of habitat are some reason for this situation. Their prey varies in a way that it changes from hares to buffalo. Yala is having the highest density of Leopards anywhere in the world.

“Trips Lanka” is here to help you enjoy a leopard safari to the middle of the park through bumpy roads. We arrange special jeeps which are facilitated for the best viewing experience you can possibly have. Don’t get excited if you get to see elephants crossing the road in front of you. Buffalo, sloth bears and leopards are also a common sight in this park. This park is a paradise to wild life photographers and nature lovers.

Yala plays a very significant role in conserving a large number of animal and plant species in the country. Some species are endemic to Sri Lanka. Yala is also home to many species of birds such as crimson-fronted barbet, grey hornbill and Sri Lanka wood pigeon.

Yala is also famous for its historical and religious importance. Archaeological places such as Kataragama and Sithulpahuwa prove that fact. These places are worshipped by many pilgrims daily and it adds more value to this place.

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