Trip to Adara Kanda

It’s the lovers’ mountain!

Hike to Adara Kanda is normally the first trip of university students of Sabaragamuwa University. It will of course be an exciting and amazing hike for all the travelers who love adventures.

Samanala Range is the parent range of Adara Kanda and it is situated in Belihuloya. Mixture of misty and sunny environment can be experienced here and this hike will give you the opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful sceneries. World’s end, Gon Moliya mountain, Non Perial side, Dethanagala, Hawagala, Samanala lake, Uma lake, Pareviyangala, Haldummulla, Haputale, Walawe river valley and Nagarak division are some of the examples.

This hike is not an easy one but gives you a wonderful experience you can have in your life time. Though it is not an easy hike, finding directions is not as hard as in other hikes. It is better to start early as it takes nearly 4-5 hours to get to all the peaks. We will have to walk through pine woods and cross water streams. On the way we will also see a monastery.

You just have to go through our gallery and you will find pictures of our previous hike to Adara Kanda. Those pictures will describe you how exciting this hike will be.

Not just for hiking, Adara Kanda is also a good place for camping. There are pretty good places for camping and that will add more value to this hike.

All the adventurous travelers out there, Trips Lanka always assure you good travel experiences.

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