Trip to Ambuluwawa

Standalone mountain top

Ambuluwawa is situated in Gampola, and it is 3567 feet above the sea level. It is a popular place among travelers due to so many reasons. Though it does not have any historical value it has some attractive facts that attracts visitors. This place was launched as a bio diversity complex in 2006.

This is the only isolated mountain in Central Province. It is not covered by any other mountains. Due to this reason it is a very good place to get a beautiful view of the area. You can get a wide view here as it is open on every direction.

Ambuluwawa can be introduced as the first multi- religious centre and bio diversity complex of Sri Lanka. A small temple, kovil, mosque and a church is situated at the peak of this mountain. People from all the religions come there. This place is a symbol of harmony and the humanity of the country.

You will have to walk 3km from the entrance to reach the top. But still light vehicles can go to the top without having any trouble. “Trips Lanka” has been to this place several times. So we have all the knowledge and experience to help you collect some beautiful memories in Ambuluwawa.

The tower is the main attraction here.  It is because of the breathtaking view you get as you reach the top. Misty and cold wind will surround you and freeze you. Join with us and we promise to give you an unforgettable trip to Ambuluwawa.

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