Trip to Bible Rock

The photogenic giant 

Bible Rock (Batalegala in Sinhalese), is situated near Aranayake in Kegalle District in central Sri Lanka. This rock was named as Bible Rock during the British Period. The reason was its appearance. Someone who is travelling through the Kandy road would see it as an open book.

Nature has gifted an image with the panorama of cascading water-falls, luxuriant meadows and intriguing scenery. You usually see this Bible Rock from Kandy road in a journey passing Kadugannawa. Rock stands in mountainous horizon with a flat surface and it doesn’t take a second to identify the Bible rock. If you join with “Trips Lanka” you will get a chance to have a different image of this rock from a different angle.

You can chase this rock with us observing its changing shape and surrounding. At one point, you may see the road, passing under this giant rock. Rubber trees fringe at the base of the rock and it is like that the mighty rock is standing on that fringe. You will get a doubt whether it is going to slide down from the fringe.

W. T. Keble mentions about this rock in his book, ‘‘Ceylon Beaten Track’’ as following.

“The top of the rock forms a long narrow hog’s back, with a puddle of water in the middle of it, which serves the cattle that feed upon the coarse grass growing among the boulders. At each end of the rock, north and south are the grand precipices that make it look like a book to travelers coming down the Kadugannawa Pass.”

This is yet another rock that you should climb in your life. And don’t forget, you can do it with us.

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