Trip to Ella

A heaven for backpackers

Ella is a small town located in Badulla District. This countryside town is very popular among local and international travelers. It has all the reasons to be that popular as it can be listed as one of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

This is a beautiful destination for all the backpackers who would love to have one amazing travelling experience.

Demodara nine arch bridge can be highlighted as the main attraction here. This bridge is a well-known wonder of architecture. It is a picture perfect bridge that has been created with super technology. You can enjoy its beauty as trains go up and down passing this bridge. We don’t have to mention about the breathtaking view you will get here.

You can experience a nice and cold weather here as Ella is in the hill country. This is an amazing gate away for everyone who want to have a break from their busy lives. You can visit Rawana Ella which is a beautiful waterfall in this area. You can also discover Mini Adam’s peak and some hidden caves. This will be an adventurous thing to do.

Ella gap is a small hike you can take with us. We will start as early as possible to take you there at the right moment. We are well experienced in hiking and will provide you right guidance throughout the journey.

Ella has become a “must visit” town for tourists due to its beauty and as a result a well-established tourism – oriented economy has been created here.

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