Trip to Hanthana

A walk through the mountains

The Hanthana mountain range which is near Kandy is one of the most spectacular mountains in Sri Lanka as it is full of breath-taking views. This mountain range owns 7 mountains. “Uura Kanda” is listed as the highest among them with a height of 3800 ft.

Hanthana gives shelter to many species of migrant and endemic birds. And also it is home to other animals such as mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.

Hanthana mountain range is one of the very popular topics among the mountain hikers all around the world. This journey is challenging and also adventurous, but you get to see the beauty of the mountain range and experience its cool weather. “Trips Lanka” is vey well aware about this trek through the series of steep ascents and descents. You will be given the right guidance and instructions through out this journey.

We start our journey from the campsite at Hanthana. In the beginning, the journey is a bit challenging. You will have to walk uphill through pine trees and it will give you a new experience.

The peak of the mountain range is very cold as it is always rich with winds. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding area and you will be surprised by its beauty. You will get a feeling as you are in another country.

You can easily tick off this trek in your list if you join with us. We are always willing to be your travel partner.


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