Trip to Horton Plains

A trek through misty grasslands

Horton Plains is very popular among travelers as it holds a beautiful, silent, strange world. It can also be introduced as an adventurous hike. It maintains a good name for its biodiversity.

It is home to many species of mammals and birds. Some are listed as endemic species.  Grasslands are occupied by these species. The peak season is the best time to spot birds. Dull-blue flycatcher, Sri Lanka bush warbler, spot-winged thrush and Sri Lanka jungle fowl are some species you can easily see.

The ‘plains’ are covered by grasslands. This is the main feature of landscape you can see in Hortan plains. But the whole area is not covered by grasslands. Areas of thick forest, rocky landscapes, waterfalls and misty lakes add more beauty. This diversity is the reason for the vast variety of species of animal within the park. This unique nature attraction area is named as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The weather changes quickly due to its high altitude. Hortan plains is more than 2000m above the sea level. Best time for trekking is from November to March. “Trips Lanka’’ would give you the right guidelines to get prepared for this beautiful trail through the mist and cool breeze. Occasional rains can occur, but normally the weather is good.

World’s End is the main attraction here. It is a steep cliff that runs down 1200m. The view from the world’s end is amazingly beautiful. Normally on a clear day, you can see a vast area till the Indian Ocean. We will take you to see the small World’s End and also the picturesque Baker’s fall, giving you an adventurous trek through the greenly grasslands.

Horton Plain

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