Trip to Kanneliya

Water paradise amongst the woods

Kanneliya is a low land forest in Galle district. It is recognized as a bio diversity hotspot in Sri Lanka. It stands on the top of the list along with the world heritage rain forest “Sinharaja”.

Several waterfalls, adventurous hiking paths and beautiful landscapes are there for you to explore. The “Anagimale” fall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Kanneliya. The ‘Gin ganga’ river is the main resource of water to this forest.

The water streams in Kanneliya create several beautiful cascades. You can get a nice cool dip in these streams. It will energize you, giving you a refreshed feeling.

Kanneliya gets the highest rain fall from December to February and this time is considered as the best time to visit. You will see the water streams that are running through the forest making whitish cascades of water and forming milky foam.

During rainy days, trails through the forest are a bit challenging with leeches. Trips Lanka will instruct on how you should be prepared for it. We assure you to have a good trail through this amazing green area.

Mainly two tracks are used for hiking. The track to Kabbale Mountain and the track to ‘Narangas’ waterfall are those two tracks. You get to see the gigantic ‘Navada’ tree on your way.  Once you are at the top of the Kabbale Mountain, you will get a panoramic view of the entire area. The filtered light of sun rays will touch the earth and will warm up the air and your soul.

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