Trip to Riverston

Another heaven on earth

Riverston is one of the mountains of Knuckles mountain range which is located in Matale District, 200km away from Colombo. This is one of the most wonderful and beautiful places you can visit if you are in Sri Lanka.

Forming a beautiful stretch of mountains sitting beyond the city of Matale, anyone would be obliged to drive ahead till you reach the top. One can experience clouds covering up the area and then passing off at Riverston area making the air so cool.

This place is a huge traveler’s attraction though yet unknown and hidden to the world. The mountain is about 4500 feet high and is about 3km hike to the top. The amazement which the surrounding gives you will be like that you are in another country. The wind is very relaxing and gentle and it will fill up your lungs with cool traces of air. You will see greenly grasslands everywhere.

Once you reach the top the view is breath taking and makes you speechless in its beauty. You just have to ask us, we are always there for you to help you complete your travel goals.

Other than trekking, you can visit Mini World’s End, Sera Ella and Pitawala Pathana. And also have a river bath in Theligamu Oya. Manigala hike is also an interesting thing to do on this trek.

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