Trip to Sinharaja

Trek through a wonder of nature

The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is the world famous rainforest in Sri Lanka. Anyone who is keen in biodiversity of Sri Lanka should visit this wonder of nature. This has been named as a World Heritage Site as it plays a major role in protecting biodiversity in the country. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a national park and a biodiversity hotspot.

Sinharaja is situated in the south-west lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka and falling into the Sabaragamuwa and Southern provinces. Kudawa, Pitadeniya and Morningside are the three access ways to Sinharaja.

Sinharaja Forest is home to many of species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, deer, mammals and insects. Most of the species are endemic to Sri Lanka. Every year this list is updated by adding new species as more species are discovered within the rain forest. The most significant thing about Sinharaja is this high attentiveness of endemic species of plants and animals.  Some species are even endemic to the Sinharaja Forest itself.

The larger mammals such as Elephants, Sambhurs, Barking Deers, Wild Pigs and Leopards can be rarely seen. Larger number of small mammals such as Sri Lankan Bee, Spiny Cat, House Ra, Field Mouse, Western Giant Squirrel, Rusty Spotted Cat and Purple faced Leaf Monkey could easily be seen.

Every nature lover should take a visit to this amazing rain forest. “Trips Lanka” organizes the journeys for travelers to experience the serenity of this paradise and share the knowledge of the bio diversity of Sinharaja.

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