My friend and I spent 2 days with Sam and our minibus driver. The four of us basically took on a big chunk of Sri Lanka driving and hiking. More than a guide, Sam became a close friend. Something about Sam and so many of the Sri Lankan people I came across is: genuine kindness. One touching moment, at the end of our trip, we were waiting for the train to come to take us to Ella -- the train was late, over an hour late, and Sam sat with us the entire time making sure we got on the train and on our way safely. Wow. Thank you Sam. During the hikes, my body isn't the most suited for this kind of exercise. But Sam was perfect. I didn't feel pressured to go faster than I wanted. And I didn't feel like he was annoyed when I would take long. Very understanding and gentle experience. I loved it -- and now I'm in love with hiking and want to do more! Thanks Sam. If you love hiking -- Sam is your man!