Being the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka offers you beautiful beaches around the island. Not to mention that there’s a variety in the beaches you see in Sri Lanka. South coast is different from the east coast beaches and from north coast. It differs from color to waves, giving you a life time beach experience in one island.


Bentota Beach

When you are heading down south, there are significant beaches you get to see and Bentota is one of them. Being an ideal place for a beach vacation it has its own mark as one of the best tourist’s attractions. Not only the beach and the magical sunset, here you get to experience some fun water sports too.


Hikkaduwa Beach

Having its identity for corals, Hikkaduwa offers you chance for snorkeling and diving. And also clear blue water will call you in for a good swim. This area is a very popular beach destination among all the travelers.


Jungle Beach, Galle

This is a hidden beach you find in Galle, but there’s so much to explore. This is a bit isolated comparing to the other beaches in Galle. So the atmosphere here is so peaceful.


Unawatuna Beach

This beach is one of the most popular beaches and its atmosphere is magical. The beach is full with so many restaurants and it’s crowded all the time. Here you can go snorkeling or on a boat ride or surfing too.


Arugam Bay

If you want to go surfing, this is the place. This beach is situated in Pothuvil in South – East coast in Sri Lanka. This bay offers you fantastic waves and it’s the biggest reason behind tourist attraction. Snorkeling also can be done here.



This beach is situated near Batticloa in the eastern cost of Sri Lanka. This is one of the safest beaches for travelers. With its crystal clear water, the beach is crowded all the time. Pasikuda can be recommended as a good place to have a sea bath as the waves are calm and clear.


Marble Beach

Marble beach in Trincomalee is a picture perfect beach and no doubt about that. With crystal clear blue water and perfect size waves and white sand, the feeling will always be magical. Not only the little fish in the sea but also monkeys and peacocks in the nearest jungle add more value to this place.


Nilaveli Beach

Nilaveli is another fine beach you find in Trincomalee. Main attraction of Nilaveli is the Pigeon island national park which is a marine national park. This place is a good destination for snorkeling and diving. You surely will enjoy some real beach time here.


Casuarina Beach, Jaffna

This beach is situated in an island called ‘’Karainagar”. Casuarina beach doesn’t get its visitors all the time as it’s a bit far but you should not miss this beach. You can walk few kilo meters in the thin sea margin between Sri Lanka and India as this area is so shallow.



This beach is easily reachable within one hour from Colombo. It has its own touch of historic pride of colonial era. Not to forget the Negombo lagoon you get to explore here. This area is influenced by fishing industry and also by Catholic Church. It has its own traditions and culture.

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